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  Gambling News - January 4, 2006  

Server-Based Gambling to Offer Personalized Service for Gaming Fans

This year’s recent Global Gaming Expo gave industry insiders a sneak preview of one of the most exciting technological advancements to reach the world of casino gaming – server-based gambling.

Server-based gambling is expected to revolutionize the gaming experience by offering fully personalized service per player, from providing vouchers on a player’s birthday to automatically listing a player’s favorite games according to his preferred denomination.

By using a central server to power a range of slot machines, operators have far greater control over changing and updating games and denominations. Instead of programming different settings on each individual slot machine, operators will be able to make ‘across the board’ changes at one central point.

IGT spokesman Ed Rogich is quick to endorse the benefits of server-based gambling. “If I have a slot floor with 2,000 machines and I want to make changes, I have to go to every one of them and change out the components," Rogich said. "Not only does that take a lot of time, but the machines are down for that period of time."

Financial changes are especially problematic for operators, as currency modifications are programmed separately. But using server-based gambling, an operator can make one software change at a server and all slot machines are instantly updated.

A demonstration of server-based gambling was conducted by Alliance Gaming’s technology head Bob Luciano at the recent Global Gaming Expo. Luciano used ten slot machines in his example, modifying games and denominations on each by making one change to a central server. The update took just seconds.
The major players planning on powering the next generation of gambling are Alliance Gaming and Game Technology. Both companies stand to make substantial revenues once new technology is approved by the State Gaming Control Board later in the year.
However, most new software implementations are not expected until 2007. According to gaming analyst Aimee Marcel, the larger companies will lead the way. “Then the smaller operations will follow. Eventually, there could be a replacement cycle involving replacing a million slots,” Marcel said.

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